Wheelchair Safety, Convenience and Fun for Active Physically Challenged People

Physically Challenged People

Physically challenged people have lots of devices and tools available to them that can help lessen the impact of their limitations. Having a physical disability no longer means sitting on the sidelines.

Though mobility issues can relegate some people to a wheelchair, a well equipped chair can open up a whole world of possibilities. If you are in the market for a new wheelchair, consider your lifestyle. In an ideal world, what do you see yourself doing? Hiking? Fishing or hunting? Lying on a beach? Shooting hoops? Exploring a new city? Well, just because you’re physically challenged doesn’t mean you can’t do all of these things, and more!

There are wheelchairs that can make it easier for you to enjoy all of your favorite pastimes, from racers and court chairs, to all-terrain chairs and beach chairs for those who enjoy the out of doors. There are also motorized wheelchairs and scooters, which can make getting around much easier.

In addition to the wide variety of wheelchair styles, there is a large assortment of wheelchair accessories to help you stay safe and active.

  1. Seat belts – Seat belts are mandatory for everyone who is riding in a vehicle and they are also important for you if you are riding in a wheelchair. You can go almost anywhere with the right chair, but not all destinations are ready for you. Surfaces can unexpectedly become rough and uneven. The only way to ensure you stay safe in your chair is if you are buckled up.
  2. Water Bottle Holder – When you are out and about, it is vital that you stay hydrated. Sixty to seventy percent of the human body is water. All of us must stay hydrated to keep our bodies running smoothly. When you propel your wheelchair, you are exercising. Experts say you should drink every 15 minutes during exercise, more if the temperature is high. Always keep a bottle of water with you and remember to keep sipping throughout the day.
  3. Ergonomic Hand Rims – Ergonomic wheelchair hand rims significantly improve the fit between your hand and the rim, enhancing propulsion and braking. Hand rims prevent fingers and thumbs from getting caught between the rim and wheel, and reduce the stress on your shoulders, wrists, and fingers - possibly preventing tendonitis in those joints.
  4. Spoke Guards – Wheelchair spoke guards, like those at coolhubcaps.com and Spokeguardart.com not only look cool and add personality to your chair, but serve a function too. Spoke guards protect your wheel's spokes and your fingers.
  5. Reflective gear – Enough can’t be said about this accessory. Outfitting a wheelchair with lights and reflective pads is imperative if you will be out and about at night.

When physically challenged people choose the right wheelchair and accessories for their lifestyle, they can do all the things they love and retain a sense of dignity and independence.

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