Tuk-N-Kari™ for Wheel Chair Transfer and Beyond!

Tuk-N-Kari™ for Wheel Chair Transfer and Beyond!

One device that is great in a variety of situations, including wheel chair transfer, is the Tuk-N-Kari™. Moving disabled people, whether in a healthcare setting or in an emergency, can be challenging. When wheelchair access is not available, or not a safe option, alternative modes of transport must be employed.

The Tuk-N-Kari™ is a product of BDK Enterprises, Inc. It is a versatile transfer sling, made of weather-resistant heavy denier nylon, so it can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. It is constructed with four PVC handles, one on each corner, allowing it to be carried by 2-4 people.

It has has been safety tested for up to 500 pounds and is also lightweight, weighing in at less than two pounds. It folds compactly into its own convenient carrying bag, so you can take it anywhere you go. Keep it in your wheelchair bag or tied to your wheelchair handles so it’s always handy and always available when you need it.


This device has found a home in the handicapped and rescue communities. It can be used in a number of settings: home, office, hospital, schools and by emergency personnel. Here are some potential uses:

  • At home, use it to transfer disabled persons from their bed to their wheelchair. If you have someone staying with you and wheelchair access is not available, use it to transport them down stairs, off the porch and to safety in an emergency.
  • At outdoor venues, it can be used much like an emergency stretcher, to transport injured people to medical facilities. It is also helpful when wheelchair access is non-existent or tough terrain makes it hard to navigate with a wheelchair. For example, a person can be carried in the Tuk-‘N-Kari™ to a picnic area or into an RV.
  • It is a reliable and convenient emergency evacuation chair in school settings. Evacuation drills will go more quickly and efficiently, and in emergency situations where stairs may hinder an evacuation, it ensures safe and speedy removal of mobility-impaired students and faculty from the building.
  • Rescue workers have used this transfer sling in situations where the use of standard Rescue Stretchers was not feasible, such as in tight or hard to reach areas.

There is one word of caution when using the wheel chair transfer sling. It is not designed to be used with people who suffer from spinal injuries. If a spinal injury is suspected in an emergency situation (such as a car accident) do not attempt to use the device.

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