Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories For Everyday Use

Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories can add comfort and convenience to your life. Does your wheelchair need some “tricking” out? Below are some wheelchair accessories that you shouldn’t be without.

  1. Umbrella – Into every life a little rain must fall. When it does, you don’t want to get wet. Equipping your wheelchair with an umbrella holder or wheelchair umbrella prepares you for a sudden downpour or provides necessary sun protection while keeping your hands free. Just a click of a button opens your umbrella. Most fit on the wheelchair handle for easy access.
  2. Cup Holder – When you are in a wheelchair, you can’t hold onto a cup or water bottle - you need your hands free to move your chair. If you are in your living room, leaning over to place a glass on the coffee table can lead to tipping. Equipping your wheelchair with a cup holder allows you keep your drink handy like everyone else.
  3. Trays – Wheelchair trays are great for business people or students who write or use a laptop a lot. Instead of rolling up to a table, simply swing up your tray. Now, you can go to class and take notes without having to transfer to a desk. You can also use the tray as a convenient place to eat and drink on the run.
  4. Gloves – Pushing the wheels of a manual wheelchair can lead to calluses and rough hands, not to mention put your hands in contact with filthy and potentially unsafe matter. Wear gloves to keep your hands looking great and staying germ and debris free.
  5. Reflectors – It is important to maintain your safety as you increase your independence. One way to do this is with reflective gear so you are easily spotted. Outfit your chair as well as a bike. Reflectors on spokes, lights on the back of your chair, and a reflective vest for you will allow you to be seen by cars. Wearing a helmet at night is also a prudent idea.
  6. Ramps – Ramps don’t have to be permanent. There are still plenty of places that don’t have wheelchair access. Having a portable ramp can turn any front porch or sidewalk into a wheelchair accessible spot for you.
  7. Transfer or Portable Stretcher – There can easily be times when you want or need to go where your wheelchair cannot. Activities like a day at the beach, a visit to friends or relatives, a broken elevator, or need to evacuate to the basement due to a tornado warning should never sideline you. A Tuk-’N-Kari™ or like product can keep you on the move.

Adding accessories to your wheelchair makes your chair work better for you. Whether you are an active student, executive, or somewhere in-between, these accessories will enhance your lifestyle, making you more independent and carefree.

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