Wheelchair Bag

wheelchair bag

A wheelchair bag comes in all sorts of sizes and styles and attach to your chair, keeping your hands and lap free. They can hang on the back of your wheelchair, on your armrest, or go underneath your chair. Depending on your level of mobility, choose a bag that will be easy for you to safely and conveniently access. Bags that hang on the back of your wheelchair are generally larger and can hold the most amount of stuff. If you will be out with someone, they can easily access whatever you need. If you will be by yourself, keeping your essentials in a bag that fits over the armrest may be more convenient.

It’s hard to leave the house for the day and not forget anything. Many women carry day-to-day essentials in a pocketbook or purse, while others (men and women) carry a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase.

When you are in a wheelchair you have as many, if not more, necessities to lug around with you, but you need to keep your hands free to operate your chair. You also don’t want to have to worry about balancing a bag on your lap. A wheelchair bag is the perfect solution.

Which Bag is Right for You

The key to finding the right wheelchair bag is knowing what you will be putting in it. Once you have a mental list of the items that will need to go in the bag, you’ll have a better idea what size bag you will need.

Your mobility level will also help determine which bag to get and where the bag should be located. The answer may ultimately be one or more bags – perhaps a larger one in the back and a smaller one for items that you use more often or want to have close by for security reasons (e.g. wallet, cell phone, car keys, etc.) Also consider your hand dexterity, whether you can easily work zippers, or if snaps or hook-and-loop closures would be better for you.

Safety Considerations

Be careful with bags that are located under the seat. They are designed to be accessible by a person in a wheelchair, but there is a danger of tipping out of your chair as you reach between your legs. If you opt for this type of bag, be sure to secure your wheel brakes first and then reach into your bag.

Wherever you hang your bag, be aware of its position relative to the wheels and handles. Loose straps can get caught in spokes, causing the wheels to stop suddenly, throwing you from your wheelchair.

Wheelchair bags are an accessory that allow for greater mobility and independence for the wheelchair-bound individual. Choose a bag that works for your needs and can be positioned for easy access without causing injury or accident.

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