About Us

Hi! My name is Angela. Let me tell you a little about my background and how this website came into being.

While I worked for a First Aid and Safety supply company for 9 years, wheelchair safety and recreation became a passion for me.

My mission with this site is to get wheelchair-bound individuals "back in the game." I want you to know that you can still go hiking and camping and play sports and travel when you are in a wheelchair. The world isn't always handicap accessible, but there are some great products out there that can enhance your level of fun, excitement and safety.

I manufacture the Tuk-'N-Kari™, a transfer sling for mobility-challenged people. You'll see it mentioned throughout this website. The Tuk-'N-Kari™ has multiple uses - from transfer aid to rescue stretcher to evacuation chair. It is currently being used by most of the Minnesota Schools for emergency evacuation. I personally believe it's a product every wheelchair-bound individual should have - for safety and for recreation.

But my goal with this site is to introduce you to a variety of other products as well that can help you get where you need to go, and get there safely.

Ride Safe, Ride Free, Enjoy Life!



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