Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories

With the right wheelchair accessories, your chair becomes more than just a mobility aid; it becomes an extension of you. Adding accessories to your wheelchair is much like adding features to your car. They can help enhance safety, comfort, convenience, and add personal flair to your wheelchair.

What wheelchair accessories do you need? Below are some ways that accessories can enhance your life.

  1. Increase Comfort –Wheelchair seats are often made of a thin vinyl-covered cushion which can get pretty uncomfortable when you sit for long periods of time. There are a variety of wheelchair pads on the market today that can give you the right amount of support and cushioning, helping to ensure that you don’t get pressure sores from sitting in your wheelchair.
  2. Increase Safety– Disabled persons are killed every year in accidents between wheelchairs and cars. Today’s minivans and SUVs sit up so high that it is hard to see someone in a wheelchair passing behind them. Lights, flags, and reflectors can help make your wheelchair more visible to the world around you. Some other important safety accessories are anti-tippers, which will help ensure you don’t tip over when maneuvering a steep incline or obstacle, and wheel covers or spoke protectors which will help keep your fingers from getting caught in the spokes.
  3. Increase Independence – Portable ramps and transfer slings can help you access more places than ever before. A portable transfer sling, like the Tuk-'N-Kari™, can be stored in your wheelchair bag and taken out on those occasions when you need or want to go somewhere where your wheelchair just can’t go- like inside an RV, your favorite picnic or fishing spot, an inaccessible building to visit a friend, etc.
  4. Convenience– It’s hard to carry a purse or backpack with you in a wheelchair without it falling to the ground. Yet, like everyone else, you have a lot of day-to-day stuff you need to carry with you. Wheelchair bags attach to your chair and help keep everything that you need close at hand when you are out and about. You can find a variety of other convenience accessories too, from drink holders and cell phone holders to trays, attachable umbrellas and rain ponchos.

Many accessories exist for wheelchair bound persons to customize their chairs. Use the list above to get you thinking about the accessories you might need.

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