Elderly Aids

Elderly Aids

As we age, elderly aids can help us achieve the independent lifestyle we had at a younger age. Growing old happens to everyone, if we are lucky. As the body ages, it can become less stable, but before you resign yourself, your parent or grandparent to a nursing home or other facility, take a close look at their physical limitations. Investigate the variety of aids available to help living independently and on their own for as long as safely possible.

More than likely, you will find that a few changes around the house will make a major difference in you or your loved one’s life. Here are a few possibilities of elderly aids:

  1. Toilets – It can be difficult to drop from a standing position to the toilet, especially if an elderly person has a joint or leg problem. The chance of a fall is great. Use a toilet attachment that raises the height of the toilet seat so they don’t have as far to sit or stand. There are also raised toilet seats with armrests to help stability.
  2. Showers – Getting in and out of the bathtub can be a daunting task for an elderly person who is not steady on their feet. Consider installing a walk-in tub with a door which eliminates stepping over the tub ledge. The addition of a shower chair or seat in the shower and a removable showerhead allows for sitting and washing at the same time. Plenty of grab bars are a must.
  3. Walkers – Sometimes, a little help with movement can make a significant difference. Traditional and rolling walkers offer a sturdy platform so users can walk, supported and stabilized. Rollators go a step further by offering a seat for resting during longer walks.
  4. Electric wheelchairs – These seem to be all the rage these days. If your parent or grandparent has trouble walking and is prone to falls, an electric wheelchair or scooter may be the answer. Manual wheelchairs require a lot of upper body strength that some elderly people just don’t have. Electric wheelchairs and scooters operate more smoothly and can be equipped with handy accessories.

The one thing that elderly people do not want to lose is their independence. Aging does not have to mean immobility. With the help of a few aids to modify their lives, they can continue to live independently for a long time.

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