Evacuation Chair

Evacuation Chair

Emergency plans should include an evacuation chair for mobility-challenged people. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, most elevators cannot be used. In this time-sensitive situation, people with limited mobility may become trapped or have to wait a long time for rescue personnel to find them.

There are several different types of chairs available.

Portable Transfer Sling

The Tuk-‘N- Kari™ is a versatile transfer sling that can be used as a portable evacuation device for those who are disabled or incapacitated. A mobility impaired person can easily be carried to safety by 2-4 people.

Working with the mobility impaired person in either a supine (lying down) or seated position, the Tuk-‘N-Kari™ is positioned beneath them. Together, rescuers can lift them up and immediately get moving. This device is easy on the backs of rescuers as well. Metal stretchers don’t allow for movement in small, confined spaces or around tight corners. With this type of device, carriers are able to adjust and shift their body weight without injury as they navigate an exit route in an emergency.

The Tuk-‘N-Kari™’s fabric is pliable and sturdy and the handles are easy to grip. It also has a load capacity of up to 500 pounds, yet is light-weight, weighing only one and a half pounds.

It is a terrific idea for all mobility-challenged people to carry a portable transfer sling with them at all times. The Tuk-‘N- Kari™ comes in a pouch that can be tied to your wheelchair for emergency use – or when you need to get somewhere your wheelchair can’t safely go.

Portable transfer slings are relatively inexpensive (the Tuk-‘N-Kari™ is under $60) and is ideal for schools, school buses, nursing homes, businesses, apartment buildings, stadiums and fire department and rescue squads.

Evacuation Chair

Evacuation Chair - Handicap Aids

Evacuation chairs are devices that are installed at the top of stairwells for use in an emergency. Most of these chairs resemble a beach-type chair with aluminum construction, handles and straps. They can be folded up flat and mounted on a wall.

The major benefit of an evacuation chair is that many of them are designed to be used by one person. Another advantage is they do not require carrying or lifting, as most have wheels or glide on the stairs.

A major down-side of these chairs is the price; they can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Another downside is their bulk and complexity. Not all homes and buildings will have the space to house a permanent device and in situations where every second counts, the time it takes to set up the chair and figure out how it works (especially if lay people are the rescuers) could prove disastrous.

These chairs are best suited for high-rise buildings, hospitals, businesses, and institutions that have the space for permanent installation and the budget to afford them.

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