Rescue Stretcher

Rescue Stretcher

The rescue stretcher is no longer a big, bulky, heavy contraption. Today’s stretcher is lightweight, portable, and can fit into tight spots. They can also help save lives. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from full-length spine-boards and basket-type stretchers to pole-type stretchers and non-ridged fabric models.

There is a rescue stretcher designed for every possible situation. Accidents can happen anywhere, as can natural disasters and fires. As such, it’s a great idea to have a personal stretcher, like the Tuk-‘N-Kari™, handy should the need arise. Here are some typical personal stretcher uses:

  1. If you are handicapped or mobility-impaired, being in an emergency can be terrifying, especially because you are often at the mercy of strangers to bring you to safety. Worse yet, you may have to wait for rescue workers to find you and carry you to safety. Having your own portable stretcher with you at all times can not only bring peace-of-mind, but may just save your life.
  2. If you enjoy hiking or camping, having a portable stretcher is a must. Many of us who were in the boy scouts or girl scouts as children learned how to make a pole stretcher out of sticks and t-shirts, but having a handy fold-up rescue stretcher in your backpack can save precious time and energy in an emergency situation.
  3. If you enjoy sports that are “off-the-beaten-path” like mountain biking, climbing, caving, base jumping, etc., you should come prepared for any mishaps as strains, twists, and breaks happen. A portable stretcher can be used to transport an injured person to safety or where they can be more easily found by rescue personnel if you are in an area that is difficult to see or reach.
  4. Schools, buses, businesses, and building managers should keep a stretcher handy, should the need to evacuate the building or vehicle ever arise. It’s not always convenient or feasible to store a full-size stretcher, so having a portable model is a necessity. Just be sure they are discussed in your rescue plan and that all potential users know where they are located and how to use them.

Accidents and disasters happen. It’s best to always be prepared. The Tuk-‘N-Kari™ makes a great stretcher indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight and compact, weighing in at only one and a half pounds and folding neatly into its own handy carrying bag, making it perfect for storing in a backpack or wheelchair bag. It is heavy-duty, constructed of weather resistant heavy denier nylon and measures 28"x 43" with a PVC handle on each corner. The load capacity is 500 pounds. Unless the person needing transport has a spinal injury, the device is perfect to get them up and out of danger while you wait for help to arrive.

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